Cheltenham Rules



Pick a horse in every race at the festival and you could win over £2000 

There are 28 races, 7 each day, select a horse in each race.

You must phone your selections to Pockets on 01606 558807 or email us at or leave them at the club between 9.30am and 1.00 pm each day.  A Nap Board form can be downloaded from the events page on the  Pockets Winsford blog. Use the same form for all your selections.

1.00 pm is the cut off time, 30 minutes before the first race.

To submit your selections we need your name and your choices:

i.e It’s John Smith

1st race, No. 4, Dopey Dick,

2nd race, No 12, Mickey Mouse

and so on for all your selections for the day.

You have 1 nap to use during the four days. If you nap a horse and it wins, then you receive double the SP odds. That does not count as the highest odds winner.

If you pick a non-runner then it goes on the favourite.

You will start with 28 points and will lose 1 point if your horse does not win. You will get the S.P. Odds added to your total for a winner.

So if you had an 8/1 winner in the first race you would be on 35 points.

The person on the most points after the four days wins 80% of the kitty, the person with the highest odds winner, wins 10% of the kitty and the person with the most wins also receives 10% of the kitty.

This year we are paying out for the runner-up and for third place.

All monies received are paid out apart from minimal expenses. The winners receive their cash after the last race on the Friday.

Last year we had over a hundred and eighty people enter and for an entrance fee of £20 it keeps you involved right up to the last race. Every race is shown live here at Pockets and a leaders board is posted in the club at the end of each days racing. The leaders board will also be posted each day on our blog at


We have a complete list of rules available but if there is a dispute then our Cheltenham Nap Board Committee will make a decision and their ruling is final.  DON’T FORGET TO USE YOUR NAP