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When Pockets first opened in 1984 the structure of the Mid-Cheshire Snooker League was very different. Four Divisions, with eighteen teams in each, showed the immense popularity of the game. Any new club wishing to enter the League could only do so if existing members did not fill the available vacancies. It was about four years before Pockets were admitted to the League, but they were soon represented by four teams. Plenty of silverware has followed since, with the Individual K.O. being won by Andy Breakey in 94/95 and Dave Swift in 95/96. Andy Wong won the Champions Trophy in 95/96 and the Clare Cup in 96/97. Stewart Colclough and Andy Breakey the Pairs in 2001/02.
By far the most successful of the players has been Stewart Colclough winning the Individual K.O. twice, the Champions Trophy eight times and the Clare Cup on no less than eleven occasions. Pockets D won the Charity K.O. in 2001/02 and  2002/03 and the first League title back in the nineties under the captaincy of Razak Kara.In 2000/01 Alex Stanfield led Steve Bampton, Andy Breakey, Stewart Colclough, Martin Coppick, Andrew Kennedy, Paul Wilkinson and Craig Winslow to their second and last title. The best they had achieved since was the runners-up spot but in 2015-16 that long run was broken when Stewart Colclough led his team of Ritchie Proctor, Paul Atherly, Adam Wong, Craig Winslow and Sam Hancock to win the Premier Division by 43 points and remain unbeaten all season.

The 2012/2013 season finished with Pockets C finishing runners-up to Middlewich D in the Premier  Division. Pockets D won the wooden spoon in the Second Division with Pockets A finishing one place above them.
Stewart Colclough had a good season personally. As well has his Premier League runners-up trophy he also won the Hyundai Champions Trophy, the league averages, the highest league break, the highest cup competition break and the highest overall break
The league resumes again in September and Pockets Snooker Club welcomes anyone with sufficient ability who would like to play in the league.

Pockets C finished their season as runners-up in the Premier Division, 15 points behind Owleywood .
In the 1st Division the A team were relegated and Pockets D finished 3rd in the Second Division.
Although none of the teams won their respective divisions the club can look back on a very successful season.
Their haul is as follows:
Team K.O. winners    Pockets C who defeated old rivals Middlewich D by a massive margin in the final.
Three-Man-team winners  S. Colclough, R. Proctor and C. Winslow.
Scotch Doubles winners  S. Colclough and C. Winslow. Runners-Up, R. Proctor and B. Hopkins
Clare Cup winner           S. Colclough, losing finalist C. Winslow, semi-finalist B. Hopkins
Highest League break (100) S. Colclough
Highest Competition break (103) S. Colclough
Champions Trophy runner-up  C. Winslow
Alliance Pairs runners-up   P. Hatherly and B. Hopkins, semi-finalists A. Hollinshead and B. Monaghan
Individual Handicap semi-finalist  S. Colclough
Not bad that.

2014/15 Season

Overall it has been another very successful season with the roll of honour reading as follows.
Premier Division Runners-up Pockets C
2nd Division Champions Pockets A
Clare Cup Winner, Stewart Colclough who beat Adam Griffiths 3-0 in the final and Dave Ellis was a losing semi-finalist.
Champions Trophy Winner, Stewart Colclough beating Sam Throsby 4-1 in the final.
Individual Handicap Winner, Danny Massey of Pockets B who triumphed 3-1 against Ian Hughes of Victoria.
Losing semi-finalists were Stewart Colclough and Paul Hatherly.
Alliance Pairs The winners were Pete and Chris Murney of Pockets A who beat Moores and Webber 3-0 in the final.
Team K.O. Winners were Pockets C who beat Winnington C in the final. Stewart Colclough achieved a break of 95 in his frame.
Charity K.O. Pockets C were losing finalists against Castle A
3 Man Team Pockets A representatives, Andy Hollinshead, Bill Monaghan and Doug Hodgson were losing semi-finalists.
Averages Stewart Colclough won the Premier Division averages and Andy Hollinshead won the 2nd Division averages.
Competition Highest Break was won by Stewart Colclough with a break of 116 in the Clare Cup.
This also won the overall highest break.
2nd Division Highest Break went to Andy Johnson of Pockets A with a break of 45

As well as being the No 1 player in the Mid-Cheshire Snooker League, Stewart Colclough is currently rated at number 11 of 142 in the G.B. 9-Ball pool rankings and number 1 of 111 in the Amateur Listings. An excellent achievement considering he only plays six tournaments a season.

2015/16 Season

There is no doubt that Stewart Colclough has been the best player in the Mid Cheshire Snooker League for many years but even he surpassed himself this year. In leading his Pockets team to go unbeaten all season to win the Premier Division by a 43 point margin he personally topped the division averages and added trophy after trophy throughout the season. By winning the Clare Cup, the Individual Handicap and the Champions Trophy he secured all three of the singles competitions and went on with partner Craig Winslow to win the Scotch Doubles and joined Ritchie Proctor to win the Alliance Pairs. The first trophy was won earlier in the season when Stewart and teammates Adam Wong and Sam Hancock secured the Three Man Team title. Stewart also recorded the highest league break with 102 and the highest competition break with a 93 to seal an unprecedented season of success for himself and the Pockets Snooker teams.

Premier Division Winners Pockets C      Average winner and highest break Stewart Colclough
1st Division Winners Pockets A
2nd Division Runners-up Pockets D       Average winner Paul Cheung
Scotch Doubles Winners                        Stewart Colclough, Craig Winslow
Alliance Pairs Winners                           Stewart Colclough, Ritchie Proctor
Three Man Team Winners                     Stewart Colclough, Adam Wong, Sam Hancock
Highest Competition break                    Stewart Colclough
Clare Cup Winner                                  Stewart Colclough
Individual Handicap Winner                   Stewart Colclough
Champions Trophy Winner                    Stewart Colclough



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